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    Equipping Every Believer

    Biblical education and training is not easily accessible for every believer. SA is bringing a solution to that problem. SA is a ministry training program that will equip all who desire to become more effective believers. SA brings training to the average believer through a solid theological curriculum along with a discipleship training program taught in your local church. God has called us all to the work of the ministry, let us equip you to answer that call.

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    2 Timothy 2:2

    And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. The apostle Paul charges Timothy to train up and teach other what he has been taught. In the same manner we are to train up and teach others what we have been taught. I Pet 3:15  Peter gives this charge, that we should be prepared to give an answer to everyone of the hope that we have within us.

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    Training average believers

    SA"s instructors are ministry leaders not just educators. We are combining our 10-course theological curriculum delivered through  the local church to give you an accessible, affordable comprehensive ministry education. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BECOME A PASTOR! This training is for the average believer, enabling them to be equipped to disciple other. Don't settle to be a lukewarm Christian. Get empowered and become effective.

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    Every believe should all be able to share their faith and give answers to others who are seeking truth, regardless of the ministry they are involved in. People are looking for answers and many are led astray because no one they know has ever explained to them the reason they need a savior. Churches are never going to reach the world alone or even those you know. SA wants to train and equip you to reach those who many never be reached by anyone else.

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    Making a difference for eternity

    You have most likely been asked to give to various worthy ministry projects. Seminary Advantage wants you to invest in yourself. Let the rest of your life account for a greater purpose. In 1 year you will be empowered to share you faith, disciple others, teach, preach defend the faith. When you have knowledge you naturally want to share it. Get the biblical knowledge you need and give it away for the rest of your life.